Bo-Dean and T Dubb Oh are also newcomers to the Star Pulse Family of featured artists. The STL Natives are constantly opening shows and working with a large swath of other St Louis area talent and reaching out to Philly (Freeway) and Memphis (Project Pat). The sonic landscape is indicative of what STL is like, soulful, gritty, hardcore, it is after all the land that birthed Chuck Berry.
The aggressive street nature of Philly & STL are not very dissimilar in terms of how the subject matter is discussed over these hard hitting beats. Freeway lends his sonic and lyrical texture to "Wad Up" and provides a proper context to North Philly streets and STL grit. Project Pat lends his voice, bravado and flair to "Ridin" Gutter, soulful and all Pat.
The concept of the album is ill. Evil vs Evil. I like that, but then that causes us to dissect, what is truly evil. Because if the news is any indication of whats evil and whats good, that depends on where you stand. The 17 tracks provide a lot of different subjects, anthems and well thought out tracks. The StarPulse Standout Tracks are Fux Shit Up, Ridin', Underground Gods, Wad Up and Get In Line.



This is the best "out of the blue" collabo in 2015. Maybe in some years. Madonna had linked up with Chicago's own Chance The Rapper and Mike Tyson. Yes, Iron Mike. This song will be released on Madonna's new album, "Rebel Heart", in March. Stay turn for that song and album coming soon.

Handsome Rob is a new to our website. Rob is one the hardest working guys that I know outside of music, so when he decides to drop a music video, the visuals are of the highest quality. Rob also makes music that is emblematic of who he is as a man. This video has a feat from Young Vandalyzm and is on time and on point. Both of the STL Natives look to shake shit up and keep dropping jawns.


Dave. is someone that I have been following and tracking the progress of his art for the past 7 years. His sound has changed a lot since I first met him. It was classic mixtapes in the 08's & 09's then it was The Manhattan Project and Then Avenue A-D. Dave has done one thing better than anyone else I know, be extremely sonically adventurous and succeed doing what he does best. He's a young Eastside Chicago scholar that lives in NYC now getting his.

Old Gold is a phenomenal EP. Production is by Norvis Jr and is funky and as strange as it wants to be. Dave finds a home riding the wave of sonic oddity and cultivating a solid tale of travels, experience, wisdom, avoiding petty and trivial matters. Dave is a wise man, a funky man, a man that will be giving a lecture to the youth at MOMA in NYC in February on how to make an album with Norvis JR.

That is how a legacy is built. That is how you know your project is amazing. Dave is so confident in the MOMA backed project that you can #BootLeg #Watch #Buy or #Build and I would advise you to do the damn same.



#buy & #build

Lets make no mistake about it, I am a big fan and supporter of Mathien. He makes really good, balanced and highly sexually nuanced tracks. He'll also pepper mills in some wit, sincerity and wisdom over a large portion of his tracks, then it's back to pulling bad biddies in these streets. Wurlitzer Crowley is the lead off track for his #FreedomTapes project set to release Jan 20th.
Wurlitzer Crowley, follows beautifully to his last project #UniqueMan which was in my top albums of 2014. Mathien knows how to deliver the goods and visuals. Check out it out, let me know what you think of it! #StayIcy

I've been familiar with Self for a lil bit, his name will come up in random conversation of circles that I run in, but low and behold, Bul hit me up. Sent me some music, and approached super humble and did something better, delivered those smoothed out Detroit bars and silky verbal syncopation. This project #Sleeves is super nice. Something to play at the gig, something to listen to while you are wanting some playful words and funky Detroit beats. It's all packaged and wrapped up super clean. The era of Alt-Rap is upon us...thanks to those who paved the way...


Jamal Smallz dropped this project a few months ago, but as with everything we do as part of the #ImpactTeam we are worth a revisit. We over here at Star Pulse 360 & Impact Team we deal only in quality. Midwest Throne has some monsters on it. I'd damn near say too many to list. Stand out tracks are "Do It, I'm Poppin, Uncut, Hate On Me & Fakers"

This is our first installment of MidWest Throne and we have other products and projects coming through the pipeline. Stay linked to Star Pulse 360 to find out more projects coming from us.

It's been a lil' while since Rockwell Knuckles has dropped a solo project for us. It's been since 2012, needless to say the man has been busy. He released a excellent project called "David Ruffin Theory" in which as per always is a quality project. "It's All Happening" is mixed by long time friend and colleague Trackstar The DJ, whom has been the DJ for Killer Mike since 2009 and Run The Jewels DJ as well.

Rocky brings the usual flair and sonic baritone treatment I have become a huge fan of along with proper production from Trifeckta, B-Money, Average Jo, KT The Terrible and a few others. Lyrical Assistance comes from Indiana Rome, St Orleans, Family Affair, Tef Poe and Nick Menn. Stand Out tracks on this album are "I Shall Devour, Morning Light, The Orange Glow, Her Other Favorite Song, The Ones That Knock & DBS" they showcase Rocky's verbal and stylistic dexterity. My man is a hell of a musician, Ya'll will catch on soon enough...

After a long time coming, Chicago/New Jersey Rising Producer Thelonious Martin released his new album, "Wunderkid" this week. The album has so much to offer and that's the amazing part. King Thelonious, along with Professor Fox, crafted a special album that can be appreciated with every play. Curren$y, Retch, Ab-Soul, Topaz Jones, Saint Ross, K-Sra, Nylo, Joey Purp, Mac Miller, Smoke DZA, Domo Genesis, and Michael Christmas provide very great contributions to this album. The added touch is the album cover art, which is created by One of Chicago's Best Visual Artists, Hebru Brantley. You can stream the album and watch the documentary below, but support the album by purchasing it on itunes or Google Play. This album is worth the money and you won't be disappointed.

PartyNextDoor had a nice year, i might say. While it took a moment to catch a buzz since last year's self titled album (which is amazing if you haven't heard it), he finally seeing success. This year, he toured with Drake, Dropped his 2nd album "PNDTwo"(another album that's one of 2014 best),and dropped a few songs that could have been radio singles. Now, he released a new 4 song EP called "PNDColours". Featuring Travi$ Scott and Ca$h Out, this EP was released with his world tour schedule. While tickets hasn't been released, this EP will hold you over. Check out PNDColours below and check out when he's coming to your city in 2015.

Because of two sold out shows in Chicago at the Metro, you should have already been familiar with Run The Jewels, but incase you haven't (because you are a cornball) check out this video. Also, look for a cameo from Trackstar The DJ. Also listed below is a few mixtapes of his you should have been familiar with, but probably aren't because you need to be lead by the hand and coaxed to do something different than visit websites run by corny maugs.

PrimeTime: A Rap Fan's guid to NO ID

Run The Jewels Official Mixtape

Out Of The Darkness: The Best Of Organized Noise hosted Big Rube

King Of Rock: Some Of The Best Of Rick Rubin...ruined by Trackstar The DJ

STS, The Crookers and The Kid Bearone are back at it again. STS and the entire G.O.L.D. make up some of the most sonically versatile group in Rap. These gents draw inspiration from everything dope. The list of artists that they have sampled from is insane. I could go on and on but you know what? Immmma let you get this damn's straight gas.

Also you can download and listen here! Own that song like you actually paid for it!
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