After a long time coming, Chicago/New Jersey Rising Producer Thelonious Martin released his new album, "Wunderkid" this week. The album has so much to offer and that's the amazing part. King Thelonious, along with Professor Fox, crafted a special album that can be appreciated with every play. Curren$y, Retch, Ab-Soul, Topaz Jones, Saint Ross, K-Sra, Nylo, Joey Purp, Mac Miller, Smoke DZA, Domo Genesis, and Michael Christmas provide very great contributions to this album. The added touch is the album cover art, which is created by One of Chicago's Best Visual Artists, Hebru Brantley. You can stream the album and watch the documentary below, but support the album by purchasing it on itunes or Google Play. This album is worth the money and you won't be disappointed.

PartyNextDoor had a nice year, i might say. While it took a moment to catch a buzz since last year's self titled album (which is amazing if you haven't heard it), he finally seeing success. This year, he toured with Drake, Dropped his 2nd album "PNDTwo"(another album that's one of 2014 best),and dropped a few songs that could have been radio singles. Now, he released a new 4 song EP called "PNDColours". Featuring Travi$ Scott and Ca$h Out, this EP was released with his world tour schedule. While tickets hasn't been released, this EP will hold you over. Check out PNDColours below and check out when he's coming to your city in 2015.

Because of two sold out shows in Chicago at the Metro, you should have already been familiar with Run The Jewels, but incase you haven't (because you are a cornball) check out this video. Also, look for a cameo from Trackstar The DJ. Also listed below is a few mixtapes of his you should have been familiar with, but probably aren't because you need to be lead by the hand and coaxed to do something different than visit websites run by corny maugs.

PrimeTime: A Rap Fan's guid to NO ID

Run The Jewels Official Mixtape

Out Of The Darkness: The Best Of Organized Noise hosted Big Rube

King Of Rock: Some Of The Best Of Rick Rubin...ruined by Trackstar The DJ

STS, The Crookers and The Kid Bearone are back at it again. STS and the entire G.O.L.D. make up some of the most sonically versatile group in Rap. These gents draw inspiration from everything dope. The list of artists that they have sampled from is insane. I could go on and on but you know what? Immmma let you get this damn's straight gas.

Also you can download and listen here! Own that song like you actually paid for it!

I'd like to welcome you to the 7 Icy Questions, Truck North are you ready?
Icy Mike: Truck North who are you?
Truck North: Who am I? I am a guy who appreciates fine aged cognac, fat asses, dope beats, really dank weed and am an avid reader.
Icy Mike: Even Pamphlets on the SCEPTA?
Truck North: Sometimes you can find some serious jewels hidden in the Pamphlets. Don’t sleep on the pamphlets. But seriously, these women with these thick asses and this aged tequila…Wait, you are hand writing out this interview? Why the hell are you not recording this or...
Icy Mike: Hey man, it's not that fancy over here just yet...

Icy Mike: What made you fall in love with hip-hop?
Truck North: Actually thats a 2 fold answer. When I was a kid my father listened to a lot of funk and my mother listened to a lot of soul music. So I was constantly surrounded by a lot of different styles and sounds of music. Some of my classmates were into Tears For Fears, Guns and Roses, so I was always surrounded by a depth of music. 

The second part of that is my older cousins would play me some crazy rap records, So I was like 10 years old when I heard “Gimme The Loot” and loved the styles and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to listen to songs with cusses in it. *15 min interlude between Icy & Truck talking about how everyone bit Treach and Buckshot’s style and prose during the 90’s* During my formative years in middle school I loved how hip-hop could bring people together.

Icy Mike: How did you get linked up with The Roots?
Truck North: Back in middle school around 1995 or 1996 my homey John who is Kamal’s younger brother and Kamal was in The Roots my favorite rap group. I just started memorizing all of Black Thought’s raps and this was around the time of Do You Want More?!?!?! Then I started writing and performing with my friends and I started bodying everyone. I grew as an artist, and started getting the attention of Kamal and liked what I was doing. In 2004, I got invited to their studio to partake in the writing process “The Tipping Point” and having to write out songs for Mad Skillz, Black Thought and Rich Nichols was stressful. Working with them helped me shape my craft and develop better as an artist.

Icy Mike: What makes you want to perform?
Truck North: I like to be on stage and move the crowd, getting a positive reaction from the fans is always excellent. My mentality has always been, “I think I do this shit well and I hope you think I do this shit well” and I think its dope that fans want to hear me perform.

Icy Mike: Who inspired you to perform and what music do you draw inspiration from?
Truck North: Man, I don’t want to sound like a total fan boy, but Tariq and The Roots. Do you want more was out while I was in Middle School, and that was mostly what I listened to, so I learned every line from the songs…now flash forward a lot of years and Riq will ask me to recite his bars for him to help him remember the tracks when I was performing live with him. It’s crazy, none of this makes any sense *insert another 20 min interlude talking about the absurdity of it all and how amazing his journey has been* Man, what was the second part of the question?
Icy Mike: What music do you continue to draw inspiration from?
Truck North: I’m a writer, so the people who i draw the most inspiration from are other writers. Johnny Cash, John Lennon, Paul McCartney. I’m drawn to people who put words together very well. Neil Young and people who just put dope material out. Side note, I stopped rapping for 3 years, DJ’d and sold mixtapes at Burger King. *Insert another 15 min interlude talking about various music, djing gigs and how much he wants the Knicks to win*

Icy Mike: What is your favorite meal?
Truck North: I am a simple man, I eat food because I need fuel. I like Lasagna, and food is not an experience and I hate that shit. Textures, flavors, I don’t give a shit, I don’t eat pork beef or fish, I just want some greens and some chicken or Turkey. I am not eating indian food, none of it, food is not an adventure. If I end up in India and need to eat it then, fine, I’ll deal with it then. I’m not taking pictures of shit, none of it.

Icy Mike: What shoes are you coping next?
Truck North: Who ever gives me some free ones, and those will be my absolute favorites. But seriously, those free shoes. But, actually Acapulco Gold has some Nike SB’s that are may or may not be coming out and they are ridiculous. I was just at the Acapulco Gold store picking up some products and yeah…I don’t think those are coming out.

Icy Mike: Thank you for doing this interview my man.
Truck North: Thank you for having me *Insert another 25 min conversation covering a wide range of topics*

Billionaire Boys Club and Timberland are going to show out with this latest collabo. BBC Bee Line and Hip Hop's favorite boot worked together that has a "Harlem Renaissance" theme to them. The classic construction of the Timberland is fused with elements of the wingtip dress shoe. This shoe will definitely turn heads. On instagram, BBC described the shoe as “The perfect clash of classic and contemporary.” This collaboration will release next month.

It's been over a month since I dropped The Icy Weekly. Lots of dope music has been released since that time. Run The Jewels released the best rap album of 2014, Stalley released his first MMG Album OHIO. STS continues to drop gems every few weeks albeit videos or audio. That man also helped co-write Stalley's smash single "One More Shot".
If you are wondering who is in that picture with me, that is World Fair's own Cody B Ware. Big KRIT is preparing to launch the release of his Cadillactica on Nov 11. In continuing with tradition some of my favorites Sean Falyon, Khari Mateen, Stunt Taylor, Wax Society & Vic Spencer drop some heat.
Common releases the sing and video for Fight of Flight remix feat Lil Herb & Chance the Rapper along with a cameo from my mentor in barbering Kojo Hughes giving Common a straight razor shave. As per always, gotta keep it family.

"Fire" Sean C & LV feat Black Thought x STS x Peedi Crakk

"Monster" Bruza The General

"One More Shot" Stalley feat Rick Ross x August Alsina

"How Philly Used To Sound" STS feat DJ Jazzy Jeff x Dayne Jordan x Son Little

"Hold On To Faith" STS feat Ebony Joi

"Soul Food" Big KRIT feat Raphael Saadiq

"Close Your Eyes/And Count To Fuck" Run The Jewels feat Zach De La Rocha x Trackstar The DJ

"Dean Ambrosious" Cody B Ware of World's Fair

"Dipshits" Federal Reserve feat Cam'ron x Juelez Santana x A-Trak x Just Blaze

"Hold Up Wait" Stunt Taylor

"Pink Cookies remix" Sean Falyon

"Best Time Ever" Khari Mateen

"Fight or Flight remix" Common x Lil Herb x Chance The Rapper

"Stalley Fountain of Youth Remix" Wax Society

"24K Visuals" VicSpencer

"I'm So Sorry" Spenzo feat Young Thug

"Chicago Conscious remix" Reem feat Lil Herb x King Louie x Spenzo

Run The Jewels 2 is the second installment from Killer Mike & El-P as a rap duo, but in reality, this is their third full length album together. As the saying goes, Third times a classic in which all indie albums are measured up to. Run the Jewels 2 is sonic perfection, on a multitude of fronts. It's hard to say what tracks stand out, because they are all outstanding and obnoxious.

RTJ2 production is large, funky and in your face provided to you by El-P. Lyrics, yup, you guessed it, it's a Mikes fist to your face is fucking Folgers. You could go on and on and on and on tallmbout how amazing this album is, but I won't, instead I will focus on a different angle. Authenticity. Now you are probably asking yourself, "But Icy, what does authenticity have to do with putting out quality art?"

Ohhhh young grasshopper, only every god damned thing. If all artists took this much time and attention to detail to delivering a project 1/3 as honest as Run The Jewels 2, the music industry wouldn't be in such shambles as per no album going Platinum in 2014. Not that any album released on a national level has warranted such sales. RTJ2 stands an amazing chance at going Gold before years end, all it takes is one listen and you will pony up the cash for the project and to see them in a town near you. You can buy this off of iTunes, or at your local record store.

Run The Jewels live shows are something great to behold, this project gets better and better as I play it through. I'm now 9 listens through and this is a Classic. This album sounds like the amalgamation of time, space and energy from 2010-2014 all things lovely, horrible, frightening, sickening, gratuitous and magnificent. Also, they will be performing on David Letterman this Friday Oct 31st for the second time. Do you believe in miracles? naw, me neither, just hard work and running the jewels.

Weird side note: Be on the look out for Meow The Jewels...I'm going to just put the video down here because it is too amazingly weird to explain it. Thanks Internets.

While we wait for another shoe that played in the 1996 NBA All Star Game later this year (hint: Legacy Blue 11s), Nike released a shoe from that same game by Penny Hardaway. The shoe represents the playing days of the Orlando Magic Two Guard. The black upper nubuck with hints of blue throughout the shoe. A white jeweled Nike logo on the black midsole with air max technology on the sole. Penny's 1 cent logo on the heel is a nice touch.
Retailing at $140, you can cop these now at your Nike Retailers.

Adidas basketball just released Derrick Rose newest signature sneaker. The D Rose 5 has a new technology called Boost that will help Derrick to regain his MVP form and lead the Chicago Bulls back to the top. Adidas worked closely with Rose, who haven't played more than 10 NBA regular season games since 2012 when he torn ACL and 2013 when he torn a ligament in his other leg. Small details like Derrick's signature on the sole and his mother's name, Brenda, on the midsole is a nice touch as well. You can buy his game made sneakers or customize your own using miAdidas at

20 years today, one of the four best albums that was released in 1994. While Wu-Tang, the Notorious B.I.G., and Was dropped classic debuts in '94, One sophomore album from a Chicago rapper is celebrated to this day and hold its weight in hip-hop history. Common, also known as Common Sense, released his second album "Resurrection" on October 25, 1994. The album, in my opinion,was somewhat young man passage into adulthood who lived in the south side of Chicago. No I.D. & YNot, two main producers on projects, crafted the perfect sounds made Common rhymes smooth as butter. "Resurrection" also produced one of the most important songs ever in the culture, "I Used to Love H.E.R", an ode to hip hop and its evolution. I was introduced to this album while in college in 2010. Then, I was listening to a lot of '90s music while creating my graphic design projects. I could relate to most of the topics that was in the album, even though I was born and raised on the west side of the Chi. I, too, was coming into adulthood so lyrics had it's meaning. This album was one of a few that helped me through that stage of life. So, I illustrated a piece for this occasion and to show appreciation. Cheers!- Jonathan Carradine

Nike & Supreme is back at it again. With the last collaboration with the Nike Air Foamposite was a huge hit, the classic air force one is the next up between the two legendary labels. Retailing at $139, the AF1 Hi will come in three color ways: Black, White and Red. The big bold "Supreme"  is stitched on the heel as '94 on the heel tab. The AF1 high yet removable strap has "The World Famous" printed. Finally, the classic "Nike AF1" & "Supreme" logos week be on the tongue tab. Please believe it's going to sell out quick so grab them next month. No date has been set yet.