Gentlemen you deserve to dress well, right. Oscar Wilde provided us with the now famous quote "you can never be overdressed or overeducated." Well along with a proper library, gentleman should have the essentials to have a proper wardrobe. While shopping at your closest department store or mall may seem like the easy way to go, there are definitely places that help you get the job done better. One of those places can be found right in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. The  Bonobos Guide Shop is here to help you find your style.
Not familiar with Bonobos? It's alright. For some men, it's their best kept secret, but all businesses want to expand their sphere of influence. Bonobos was started by a couple of gentlemen who simply wanted better fitting pants. That was back in 2007. The gentleman created the company exclusively online and the response was grand. The brand has garnered quite a following and some serious financial backers. Evolution of the brand brought to life an offering of a full wardrobe and the guide shop where men can try before they buy. In 2012 Bonobos opened their first guide shop and now has over 10 locations across the country. I stepped into the Chicago location for my own personal fitting.

The Bonobos Guide shop is  a no frills shopping experience. Everything that a guy needs to complete his look is inside the shop. Bonobos started with pants, and theses are some great fitting pants, but more on that later. Bonobos gives you a complete look, for every season. I worked with Marcus and Taylor at the Lincoln Park location. We started off with some questions on my existing wardrobe, typical fits , and sizes; the gentlemen at Bonobos took it from there. In minutes I had an assortment of slacks and jeans to try along with a few shirts and blazers to pair them with. Let me tell you this; these guys Marcus and Taylor are good. After trying on the sizes "I thought" i wore, they made some size adjustments. I always thought that I was pretty on top of things when it came to my wardrobe, but these gentlemen and their suggestions were spot on. I ended up having much more tailored fits for my body and the looks were crisp and clean. From start to finish, the consultation and fitting process took less than an hour. Each session is handled one on one and is catered to the individual. I'm an avid shopper and the Bonobos team still was able to "upgrade" my look. For the common guy who dreads trying on clothes or has a limed closet, imagine what a visit to a guide shop can do for their wardrobe. 

With a visit to the Bonobos website and for those with one in the area, a guide shop, gentlemen its time to step out of the shadows and into the light with a new look.  Step into a  guide shop for a consultation or visit Bonobos online to view their full collection, purchase items or locate and schedule a consultation. Gentlemen you deserve to look your best from head to toe. Give Bonobos the opportunity to put their eye on a dapper guy. 
The Chicago/Lincoln Park Guideshop 
845 W. Armitage Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614
Locate your Bonobos Guideshop here.

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You are cordially invited to join us on Friday, February 27th in Chicago for a night of music, art, and 1920s style debauchery. The event will start promptly at 9:30 PM, so early arrival is suggested. Users that RSVP on will receive an invitation containing the address. Elevated is bringing you a holistic art experience on February 27th, 2015. It’s all going up in CHICAGO for an all ages event filled with art exhibits, fashion pop-up shops, and hip-hop performances.

The Elevated Speakeasy will take place in a private art gallery and will feature art exhibits from the likes of Barrett Keithley, Deltizzle, Vanessa Riojas, and many more young Chicago artists. The night will contain live performances from Ric Wilson, Black Matt, David Ellis, Ray Illa and more plus special guests. It will surely be a night you won’t want to miss.

Sincerely, Cam on behalf of ELVTD #StayIcy


I know this is a Hip Hop Blog and most of you are thinking why the heck is Sean writing about some hardcore EDM stuff on here?!?! well here is why ladies and Gents! ANGELZ has been crushing the Hip Hop EDM remix game for a long long time and people are just now starting to take notice to it. Today he dropped the long awaited remix to Lupe Fiasco's Daydreamin. Listen to it now! you can also download it for free right here.

 If you dig this project you need to check out his last mix of Mac Miller X Pharrell - Onaroll remix! reached number 1 on Hypem in under 2 days and is an amazing mix!
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On the heels of STS launching a new project with RJD2 comes this uplifting song produced by Just Blaze. Sugar Tongue Slim has been busy with putting on projects, singles, and just all around fun tracks. Slim has style that is second to none and a gift of lyrical dexterity that cannot be matched.

It's rare that you find someone of Slim's calibre in any genre. He has been crowned by DJ Jazzy Jeff as The Illustrious, and praised by Riggs Morales and Black Thought as one of the nicest Emcee's in rap. After a few clicks on these damn hyperlinks, it is easy to see Slim gets fuggin busy. Be on the look out very soon for all the latest projects from Slim in the coming months.

DJ Cuzzin B is one of my favorite DJ's out here dropping projects. He has a litany of music standards and staples you should have in your collection. This is Cuzzin B's 4th Black History Month project in conjunction with Nike. Some of my favorite projects that B has done as has been his Average White Mixtapes

This project unfolds how I like a mixtape to. It tells an all encompassing story within itself. It's what I do when I put mixes together, tell a story with the music, paint a proper picture. This Black History Month 4 project lets the viewers know, #BlackLivesMatter Cuzzin B is from North STL. He peppers and seasons this whole project with the turmoil that was 2014. It was a tragic year for humanity, but Cuzzin B puts forth a blues project guised as a mixtape. Great DJ's are story tellers.

This mixtape comes across as authentic, smooth, unassuming and unapologetically black as Cuzzin B himself. It features a plethora of super talented rappers and singers alike. Run The Jewels, Rockwell Knuckles, and no proper mix is to be finished without Jamiroquai. You can stream it off Soundcloud and download it from Point Blank ENT themselves. Be on the look out for a other projects coming from Cuzzin B in the coming months.

The Power Of One download


   From the opening line of the title track “put the pen to paper only personal thoughts” Vstylez commences to send the listener on a melodic, nostalgic, and at times intimate head trip that will leave them begging for more.  Veteran Detroit emcee Vstylez displays his ability to masterfully fuse an eclectic mix of artful lyricism, complex rhythms, and tried and true Boom Bap beats into a veritable gumbo of musical deliciousness. ‘At Oddz Til I'm Even’ features a stellar supporting cast of emcees and producers including J Dilla, Ras Kass, and Royce Da 5’9 that add just the right amount of spice to the already hardy mix.

   Let me be completely honest, and admit that I had never heard Vstylez’ music before given the opportunity to review this album. Although unsure of what I was going to discover once I pressed play, I was pleasantly surprised  and satisfied with the quality of the offering. So much so that once devoured I darted over to YouTube to search out what else he had previously cooked up.

   On tracks like ‘Unfamiliar’ featuring Phantasm (Cella Dwellas); Wordsmith; Shabaam Sahdeeq and produced by Big Gov, ‘Rough, Rugged, Raw’ featuring Kxng Crooked (Slaughterhouse); Bumpy Knuckles; with production by J Dilla and ‘Turn Up The Volume’ produced by Apollo Brown, Vstylez serves the listener gritty, hard-hitting head bangers that break your neck and demand you play them as loud as possible out of the biggest and baddest speakers you can find.    
   The musical feast is rounded out by ‘Emotional’ featuring Jon Connor; GuiltySimpson with producer MoSS, a quirky yet no less tasty track infused with the essence of that late 80’s early 90’s Hair Metal feel. The record is expertly topped off with the cypher like ‘First to Rise pt.2’ featuring O.C. (D.I.T.C.); Royce Da 5'9 production by MoSS, the finely crafted staccato like beat serves as an excellent base for the lyrical dynamism that is on display in the song. In the midst of the track Vstylez himself sums up the mood of the album, and his place in the game “I’m first to rise quick go against the grain, I’m like a comb full of knowledge I will pick your brain”. 
Buy the album here
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What do you consider the Golden Era of Rap/Hip Hop?? You have to have one! Everyone has one! for me the '90s is the golden era of all hip hop music. The music that came out had a way of making you bob your head even when the subject matter wasn't the nicest. The music was fun and the people who made it were not so serious that they couldn't have fun with it. Also that was my youth (yeah I'm old but you will be also someday!) and the music from the '90s brings me back to those days.

The Urban $treets Americana album from PrezSport, the collaboration of El Prez and Jansport J instantly takes you back to the golden era of the '90s when hip hop was fun even if they were telling you they were going to shoot you! listening to this project takes me back! not only because of the classic tracks that Jansport J sampled but the whole feel of the project has that sunny day summertime rollin with the top down feel to it! As seen here in the track droptops.

Now lets talk more about El Prez and Jansport J in case you don't already know who they are. El Prez is from Inglewood and Jansport J is from Covina CA. West coast music's epicenter! El Prez is the Lyricist with Jansport J laying the production for the project. With lyrics like these from Hard Boiled "Colors, Colors, Cover up the coast with bandanas spanning across the whole fucking globe. Every hood is similar to a castle with a moat, waving flags and looking for kingdoms to overthrow." you will be easily impressed.

The whole Album is available now and can be purchased here

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After a few but amazing mixtapes, Spitta finally putting an actual album for 2015. The much anticipated "Pilot Talk 3" will be released on April 4th. While we know Cardo, Joey Fatts and Ski Beatz have slots for the production, no featured artists had been released as of now. Check out the cover art by David Barnett (Instagram: @DBwuzhere) above and stay tune here for more news.

Heir Jordin the son of Ramel Prince aka RT-Faq in conjunction with Doorway released this wonderful song "Proud History" last year toward the end of Black History Month. Ramel is from East St Louis, IL and obviously, so is his son. Heir Jordin has been opening for Doorway this past year as a live performer and has been spreading a much needed message to the youth of young youth. Nothing stirs the soul quite like seeing and hearing positivity from the mouth of the youth. Heir Jordin has performed this song at various High Schools in Missouri and Illinois since last February.

The message has also made its way into the STL media circuit. Once again affirming that not only to Black Lives Matter but also Black History is sacred and needs to be spoken of more than 28 days a year. Nothing is more beautiful than History in action and youth doing their part of painting a better narration than the one we are often given by various media outlets. Yes Martin Luther had dream, but what about Chuck Berry, Tina Turner and the land of the Dread Scott decision? Our conversation should not be so narrow in scope to where the only focus of black history is just MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech, because then that leaves out many other issues we have yet in American Society to actually deal with, i.e. police brutality, institutionalized racism, prison industrial complex...

An often overlooked, often neglected segment is the music scene of absolute positivity, righteousness, and message of joy, love, togetherness and love of self. After bearing witness to all that happened in STL and seeing what all my friends, colleagues, loved ones and their families endured post August 9th re-sharing this message of young black excellence and "Proud History" is critical. We have witnessed over and over the past many months including at the Grammy's that Hands Up Don't Shoot and Black Lives Matter is where the focus still belongs and will be until that simple commandment is held sacred by all.

These young kings and queens have the right to grow up and make families as young Heir Jordin opens with in his first verse. RT-Faq is a gifted writer, rapper, emcee and set percussionist. His gifts and talents are already shining brightly through his sons ability to be at home in the studio, and proclaim a historical doctrine that should be shared and embraced at the youngest age possible. With a positive sense of self and an understanding that we all stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, this Proud History is living for future generations. Heir Jordin is a rare gift, in which all of us should embrace and celebrate.

Proud History Video

Heir Jordin on Fox News 2 STL

Soon as info leaked about a possible Drake Mixtape, It sent the internet abuzz. While many anticipated for it to drop last weekend, Drake deliver it yesterday, Feburary 12th. As soon as a small film called "Jungle" was released in the morning with hints of new material, Everyone was patient for a project to drop. Then last night, Drizzy dropped a new project titled, "If You're Reading This, It's Too Late." on Itunes. It features PartyNextDoor, Travi$ Scott, and Boi-1da and Noah, Wondagirl among others provided the production. Check out the "Jungle" film above while checking out the tape below.

Review: Drake actually rhyming viciously, which means he got something to prove. He gunning for that top spot even if it's surpassing his mentor (Lil Wayne) and two of the Elite MC ( Jay- Z and Kanye). While the tape slows down at various times with R&B vibes, this is Drake's spitting like his 07 mixtape "Comeback Season" x10. If you thinking this was a R&B tape for last weekend, you will be surprised.      
Most of you are saying who the hell is Jon Bellion?? Or you actually know him and already love his music! Either way let me break this all down for you. To me Jon Bellion is Pink Polo and a back pack Kanye X Jason Mraz. Or as I have described him before "the music Wayne Brady rides to..." Jon describes his new album as "what you get when you mix Disney with Dilla" but to be honest with you he doesn't really fit into one category and is hard to label.

Jon is probably most known for his production on Eminem's "The Monster" featuring Rhianna but the singer/songwriter/producer from Long Island, New York has put out 3 mixtapes now and sold out some large shows on his tour with Visionary Music Group which is part of Logic and the RattPack crew.

Now lets talk about his newest mixtape "The Definition" which starts out with the piano laden harmonic gem of Munny Right that speaks of his struggles with deciding to jump into music full time. If you can listen to this track and not be hooked enough to listen to the rest of the album I would be shocked, but you will be hooked I promise! The rest of this Album is a melodic gem of singing mixed with rapping, great production and some gospel undertones. The production for a mixtape is phenomenal and you will find at least one track that you cant get out of your head for weeks.

You can download the Mixtape for free at Jon Bellion's website

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It's been a while since I've posted, let alone posted something from one of my favorite emcee's from the past 9 years. Being the East Side dude he is, Bruza gives us that nice street grit with that polished flair. Bruz is my favorite street stenographer rapper here in Chicago.

Bruz has a gift that not many street rappers are able to transcend, moving out of the streets and providing high quality stories with witty punchlines and metaphors. That is a skill not many have, being serious about the subject at hand but not taking your own self too seriously.

As a fellow Eastsider of Chicago I put on for the eastside and love visuals that pay homage to us over on this side of Chicago. Enjoy.
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